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90's k-pop

Posted by drowsyduck - 1 month ago

Aight imma make a prediction here and now. I think 90's K-pop is gonna have a sudden surge in popularity. I can already see the memes "stfu I'm listening to Twist King by Turbo" and all those other stuffs. There will be animation memes, the background music for newgrounds games will come back to being 90's K-pop songs, etc...

I could be wrong, but if this all happens, I called it. B)



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Not sure I've ever listened to older K-pop before but it might be time hmm... imagine if your prediction comes true all thanks to this one post. ;)

Omg I'll be so happy @~@ I'll be able to live my teenager years (90's kpop), childhood (old animations), and adulthood all at once :')

Let's hope it will be so then! :)

Curious how you first got into K-pop btw? You're not by any chance from Korea? Seems like an unusual genre to get introduced to otherwise.

Yeah, I got some Korean lineage in me, and somehow I got into it because my teenage crush was this celebrity named Kim Jong Kook, and he's from the 90's group Turbo. Since then, I've been looking around the different genres of Korean music and vibing to them.

On a side note, one of the things which made me predict the surge of old school loop is the fact that I heard some of the songs in the old newgrounds games/animations. Like the "Pico Pico" flash animation features a song by the group DJ DOC, and one of the old Pico games had "X The Greatest Love" by Turbo as the main menu song.

And with the revival of Newgrounds, I thought that maybe something else will revive with it...

Ah cool! Do you understand the language well as well? Time to look up Turbo hmm...

Wonder if those NG choices were done with any particular inspiration or more at random, but maybe there really is a wave going on... don't think I've been listening to any legitimate stuff but just remembered:


And then there was Gangnam Style a few years back hmm. Hope these don't come across more so offensive though if you're really into the genre. Is comedy a common element in the genre or is it maybe just the craziest ones that get the most international exposure? And more Western parodies, of course...

네, 저는 한국말을 조금 할 수 있어요! (Yes, I can speak a little Korean!) and LMAOOO I think I remember the nigahiga parody, thank you for showing me that!! and I remember watching the Conan O'Brian parody with my fam and jamming to it lmfaooooo XD

Oh, and you don't have to worry about being offensive, but that's nice of you to ask! ^^

And hmmm, 90's~2000's Kpop is... odd... There are often lots of comedic elements such as exaggerated expressions and ABSURD costumes XD but then other songs are very melancholy and make you wanna drink at a jazz bar and be sad or something :')

It's just such an odd (and usually endearingly cheesy) little world, and I couldn't help but go back and listen to some of those bops here and there. For starters, "Twist King" and "My Childhood Dream" by Turbo are some of my favorites :D "December" by Turbo more on the soft and sweet side and DANG I love the base for that one @~@

And of course, there are lots of other groups and solo artists such as Seo Taiji and the Boys, HOT, S.E.S., DJ DOC, G.O.D., and the list goes on...

Lastly, this isn't from the 90's, but one severely underrated duo is Leessang; they have some crazy good rnb/hip hop stuff such as "Leessang Blues", "I'm not Laughing", and "Ballerino". Oh and here's some Korean reggae by these two fricking legends https://youtu.be/ZGqEpcYEIIw https://youtu.be/-Q3k-96dqRM

Anyhow, thank you for coming to my (unexpectedly long) TED Talk :} I genuinely never thought I would be explaining such a niche part of my life to someone but here I am ^^

Nice. :) Ahahaa, I take it that means no offense is taken at parody type K-pop then! XD Good to know!

Hmm it's almost like a mix between the more Western boy band type pop music and electronic stuff I grew up hearing around the same time. :) Backstreet Boys and Eiffel 65 and combined... with maybe a little a la: https://youtu.be/NVVFvKYUAlo

I like the hip-hop influences in particular there, though I wonder is everything K-Pop? Is there K-Electronic, K-Hiphop, K-Reggae etc? Is K-Pop more a collective categorization for people outside Korea or within, too?

Seo Taiji & Boys in particular really seemed to mix everything. :D But great music, especially early on IMO. And RGP were awesome! So much vibe, though wish I knew what they were saying especially with the animated video, so many references I recognize but don't catch the context for! XD Like Pepe the frog all of a sudden?!

Hey, maybe a sensitive question, but I wonder what Koreans overall think of bands choosing a name like G.O.D. Since they're mostly Christian and all? Not blasphemous/unsuitable? Maybe not so sensitive if it's not in the native language?

Leessang Blues were reaaally good too. Think I'll be hearing more of them and RGP. Boy band overall though hmm... interesting to get some new cultural glimpses but maybe not what I'd opt for otherwise. :)

Was a highly educational TED Talk though! XD Just to swap some highlights of nostalgia here, here's some Swedish stuff I like to listen to you might not have heard before: